About Me


Born in 1983, in Yangon. Since 2005 I have been attending several filmmaking workshop in Yangon, aside of my studies on recently establishing film studies of University of Arts and Culture in Yangon. Step by step I started to work as an independent documentary filmmaker. Then I passed entering exams and received scholarship to attend Czech National Film Academy - FAMU - for 3 year master degree program in English Cinema and Digital Media, strong in practical filmmaking, except of academic focus. My first short film AWAKE won Best Short Film at FAMU Fest 2009.

As an output of wider collaborative work I co-founded the first Burmese film festival - the Wathann Film Festival in Yangon, in 2011. Even though I focus mainly on creative side of cinema, we successfully put lot of effort to gather and inspire whole network of young people or filmmakers invested in independent filmmaking with topical and artistic ambitions.

In 2013, I co-founded the Third Floor Production base in Yangon.

website: www.thirdfloorproduction.com

Vimeo : https://vimeo.com/thaiddhi